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Prof Eisa Bashier Addresses the Activities of the 10th ICAT Conference

The tenth International Conference on Appropriate Technology (ICAT) is hosted by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, with the wide participation of scientific researchers and regional, international and national research institutions.

The conference is hosted by the Ministry under the auspices of Prof. Mohamed Hassan Dahab, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and organized by the University of Khartoum in partnership and cooperation with Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST) and the INAT network which is specialized in the field of promoting the use of technology in society with the participation of distinguished researchers, consultants and academic experts.

The conference was attended by Prof. Eisa Bashier Mohamad, Vice Chancellor of Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST), Prof. Emad El-Din El-Amin Ardeeb, Vice Chancellor of the University of Khartoum, Prof. Abdelazim Suleiman Al-Mahal, Deputy Vice Chancellor of SUST, Prof. Amal Omar Bakhiet, Dean of Scientific Research at SUST, Professor Caroline Edward Ayyad, Secretary of Scientific Affairs at SUSTT, Dr. Ghada Kadoda, Chairperson of the Organizing Committee of the ICAT Conference and many other attendees among the university directors, deans of colleges, directors of academic centers and institutes, specialists and those interested in the field, and students.

The representative of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research conveyed the kind wishes of the Minister, Prof. Dahab, to the participants in the conference for success, and said "Sudan is a country rich in its large resources, which needs to be employed to expand the use of technology optimally".

Prof. Bashier addressed the opening session and welcomed all scholars, researchers, local, regional and international academic community institutions and all participants and university representatives.

He said, "the conference is an opportunity to address many issues, foremost of which are the environmental affairs, climate, health, food security and migration issues. It also works to consolidate and develop scientific research projects and openness to all researchers in various parts of the world".

Also, His Excellency stressed that the conference is a good opportunity for exchanging research, ideas and experiences to advance the pillars of scientific and informational research and create smart partnerships with relevant international institutions.

Furthermore, Prof. Bashier appreciated the great and participatory roles played by the University of Khartoum with scientific institutions to find solutions to many social issues, stressing the readiness of SUST to enter into twinning and positive agreements in various disciplines to provide scientific research and cross-fertilization of ideas to find solutions to many problems and to give optimal attention to all conference outputs and work on them in future.

Prof. Ardeeb welcomed the attendees, and pointed out that the importance of the conference is reflected in its handling of the most prominent global issues and contemporary challenges. He stressed that the conference plays an important role in improving scientific research and creating strong partnerships between researchers from all over the world, pointing to the University of Khartoum's desire to work with conference partners and contribute to research in addressing the issues raised. He also thanked the members of the organizing committee.

Prof. John Trimble, President of the Global Network for Appropriate Technology, expressed his happiness with the holding of the conference. He said, "The importance of modern technology comes in building societies and advanced research databases to serve all human projects, while raising the capabilities of individuals and people, as they are the most important developmental foundations."

Dr. Ghada Kadoda, the chairperson of the 10-th ICAT conference, gave an introductory overview of the previous events hosted by several African countries. She appreciated the role of local partners in organizing this ICAT edition, which is hosted by the Ministry and implemented through a smart and collaborative partnership between the University of Khartoum, the Sudan University of Science and Technology and a number of local and international institutions.

It is worth noting that the conference contained many scientific sessions, as well as specialized online lectures via Zoom system, which won the interaction of the attendees.