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Scientific research has a major role in building and disseminating knowledge, and Sudan University of Science and Technology is considered as a cornerstone in developing learning processes, building and disseminating  knowledge, enriching various fields of science and contributing in supplying communities by creative and productive resources.

Deanship of Scientific Research

Accordingly, the Deanship of Scientific Research is planning to create a motivational environment for its faculty members and postgraduate students by introducing initiatives that support scientific research and publishing, which the Deanship aims to contribute to the advancement of scientific research in the Sudan.

College of Graduate Studies

The College of Graduate Studies was established in the year 1990 to become one of the most important colleges at Sudan University of Science and Technology. However, it brings together some of the brightest postgraduate students in the programs of PhD, master and postgraduate diplomas degrees from inside and outside Sudan. The college includes a large number of postgraduate students, estimated at 11,000, in more than 150 academic programs, which are subjected to upgrading every 3-5 years to keep pace with scientific developments and programs to obtain PhD and master degrees by research in various disciplines.

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