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Applying to SUST

Applying to study at SUST has an admission eligibility according to the degree you want to apply for.

Admission Eligibility Criteria for Bachelor Degrees

The application processes for undergraduates applying for first-year is done through the online admission system managed by the ministry of higher education and scientific research in Sudan.

Please refer to admission eligibility for Sudanese higher education institutes.

Admission to Graduate studies

Graduate students can apply and fill the required form and then submit it to college of graduate studies at SUST .

Here you can find the forms of:

  •     Application Form for M.Sc. and Post Graduate Diploma by Courses and Dissertation
  •     Application Form for M.Sc. and PhD Students by Research
  •     Application Form for M.Sc. and PhD Students by Taught Courses and Research
Average Tuition Fees

Average charge according to students categories as shown below:

    Home students:

        Undergraduate/semester: 115 US$

        Postgraduate: 2000 US$

    International Students:

        Undergraduate/semester: 3000 US$

        Master Program: 7500 US$

        Phd. Program: 9500 US$ (Except PhD. Program in Computer Science)

        PhD. Program in Computer Science by Taught Courses and Research : 15500 US$

where NO CHARGE for domestic undergraduate students with disability issues

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