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University professors are the mainstay and the primary engine for Higher Education institutions and the back bone for upward mobility, as they efficiently contribute to shape productive citizens who participate greatly to their families, their chosen field of expertise, the economy, and the communities in which they live. Emerging from its conviction that incentives form an essential element for motivation which helps faculty to perform better and put extra efforts towards their work to achieve splendid results and create social and economic mobility, SUST aggressively seeks to provide the appropriate environment for its professors and gives them intrinsic rewards to inspire their creativity and maximize their potential via the provision of all scientific research aids, props them financially and morally in the form of cash and non-cash awards, grants them scholarships for the pursuit of their graduate studies, allows them to participate in workshops and conferences, provides them appropriate housing and transportation, in order to create a secure, and fostering atmosphere that exhort them to greater efforts and fully devote themselves to discharge their noble mission and duties for the benefit of the University and the Nation.

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Prof Awad Saad Vice-chancellor