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Announcement from the Vice Chancelor

Dear Deans, professors and instructors, students, all employees of the Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST) and friends..

Peace, Mercy and Blessings of Allah Almighty upon you.

We welcome you all and congratulate you on the return of the official website of SUST along with the return of most of the applied electronic systems and the gradual return for the remaining of them. SUST apologizes for the unintended interruption caused by the ongoing war in the country. We pray Allah to bless the country with immediate peace, security, safety and stability. May The Almighty take care of you, your honorable families, and have mercy on all those we lost, and accept them with Him in the highest heavens.

Since the start of war in mid-April 2023, the university higher administration has formed a risk management cell. Continuously monitoring and following up the progress of the war, making the right decisions for the benefit of the university and its employees through specialized and technical committees.

Praise be to Allah  for the success achieved in November 2023, as most of the university’s colleges announced the resumption of academic activities and study through their councils, taking into account the exceptional circumstances that the country, the students, and their honorable families are going through. Implementation of the announced study activities will be through e-learning, hosting in similar universities and colleges, and transferring credit hours internally in accordance with the regulations regulating that.

All this was preceded by the communication with the Union of Arab Scientific Research Council, SdNOG, and the Sudanese Telecommunications Company (Sudatel), thanking them for providing six servers (two from each) to accommodate the university's systems and activities. The biggest event that followed was the operation of the university's servers (7 servers in number) from the data center of the Sudanese Telecommunications Company (SudaTel) in Port Sudan, which contributed to the return of the various systems and the resumption of academic activities.

All university employees and professors in particular are kindly required to make every effort to overcome these exceptional circumstances to compensate the students and the nation for the time lost.

Many thanks to all those who have contributed and are contributing to the efforts that are in the interest of the country, the institution and its employees.

With best wishes and regards.

Prof. Dr. Eisa Bashier M. Tayeb
Vice Chancellor of SUST