Sudan University Signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Giad Group

Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST) signed a memorandum of understanding with Giad Company for Tractors and Agricultural Equipment. Prof. Eisa Bashier Mohamad, Vice Chancellor of SUST, signed on behalf of the University, while the CEO of Giad Group for Engineering Industries, Mr. Abdullah Abd Al-Marouf Mohamad Saad, signed on behalf of the Giad Company.

The signing ceremony was attended by Prof. Abdelazim Suleiman Al-Mahal, Deputy Vice Chancellor of the university, Dr. Mohamad Awad Al-Sheikh, Deputy Vice-Principal of the university, Dr. Abbas Al-Sheikh Rahma, Dean of the College of Agricultural Studies, Dr. Abdallah Noureddine Osman, Head of the Agricultural Engineering Department, Dr. Huda Osman Abdallah, Director of Public Relations and Media, and Dr. Maryam Abbas, Director of External Relations.

The delegation from Giad Group included Eng. Mudassir Mohamad Khair, Director of Giad Company for Tractors and Agricultural Equipment, and Eng. Hatem Fadlallah, Director of Product Development Department, and Eng. Abdul Sattar Abdullah Al Shafie, Director of Marketing Department, and Eng. Amjad Al-Sir Al-Jilani, Director of Technical Support Department.

Prof. Bashier welcomed the delegation and appreciated the need for cross-fertilization of ideas and cooperation between governmental and non-governmental academic and industrial institutions for the benefit of both sides and the country.

Prof. Bashier announced SUST's readiness to solve all company issues through scientific research, and stated that the university has many partnerships with institutions in the fields of electricity and others to serve Sudan. He expressed his hope that the memorandum will see the light immediately after its signing.

Mr. Abdallah Abd Al-Maarouf expressed his pride in being in one of the universities that raised the name of Sudan high in international forums through graduates, in addition to its continuous development. He added that Giad Group is large and deals only with big stars, and that the integration between the university and Giad in agricultural tractors can provide huge agricultural services.

Mr. Abd Al-Maarouf also announced their readiness to provide all that the university requires, announcing their donation of 50 high-quality lighting bulbs. He also welcomed cooperation with SUST in the field of small industries that provide solutions to many community issues. He also announced their sponsorship of the wheat cultivation project in the entire summer season.

Both parties agreed to cooperate in solving agricultural problems through scientific research, in addition to training students and holding training courses for GIAD employees to develop skills and raise the practical capabilities of the trainees, in addition to providing consultations to serve the company. The two parties exchanged souvenirs.

A presentation was made by Dr. Mariam Abbas, Director of External Relations, demonstrating SUST's different faculties and their presence in ten campus locations in the state of Khartoum, as well as the university's progress and development.