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Vice Chancellor of SUST Meets the Delegation of the African Development Bank

Prof. Eisa Bashier Mohamad, Vice Chancellor of Sudan University of Science and Technology, received in his office at the main campus the delegation of the African Development Bank led by Mr. Frederick, Director of the Education Project at the Bank, accompanied by Mr. Hassan Abu Qurun, Coordinator of the Education Project at the Bank.

The meeting was attended by Prof. Abdel-Azim Suleiman Al-Muhal, Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr. Awadallah Tayfur Ali, Vice President of the University, Professor Muhammad Abu Dean of the Deanship of Development and Quality, Professor Mustafa Al-Jak, Director of the Sudan Center for Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship, Dr. Huda Othman Abdullah, Director of the Public Relations and Media Department, and Dr. Maryam Abbas, Director of the External Relations Department .

Professor Issa Bashir welcomed the delegation and introduced him to the entrepreneurship experience at the university and valued the partnership with the African Development Bank to support entrepreneurship programs at the university.

Mr. Frederick stated that the bank's project seeks to develop the capabilities of young people and develop the means of education and seeks to find and introduce new and modern methods in education, and one of its priorities is to find job opportunities for young people in Africa and Sudan as one of the African countries for their suffering in the absence of job opportunities,

Mr. Frederick Emphasized the need to provide job opportunities through entrepreneurship projects to contribute to solving the problem so that a generation of creative and creative youth can be produced, adding that the interest was to learn about the experience of the University of Sudan in entrepreneurship and to stand up to the challenges and experiences available at the university.

Professor Issa reviewed the university's experience in e-learning, explaining that it was prior to the emergence of the Corona virus in the country, and added that many universities benefited from the experience of the University of Sudan in e-learning. Other faculties to spread the benefit, and also announced the necessity of providing a central laboratory in the university to develop and enhance education in the university for the benefit of scholars and researchers from inside and outside the university

Mr. Frederick believed in the bank's endeavors to support the infrastructure in general and its endeavor to create a partnership with the University of Sudan and modernize its infrastructure.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Mariam Abbas gave a brief presentation of the university and its inclusion of 25 faculties in various disciplines. Mr. Mustafa Al-Jack also gave a presentation on the entrepreneurship experience at the university, the establishment of productive incubators and their experiences, and the numbers of graduates and beneficiaries of incubators, which exceeded 4000 of different incubators.

At the end of the meeting, the Rector of the University presented a gift to the head of the delegation from the product of the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts.