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Vice Chancellor of the University Honors the Junior Innovators Team

Sudan University of Science and Technology, represented by the Deanship of Scientific Research and the College of Engineering, in cooperation with the Solidan campaign, honored the 30-member team of Junior innovators.

The celebration was attended by Prof Mohamed Mahjoub, representative of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Prof Awad Saad, vice chancellor of the University, Prof Mahdi Abbas Shakak, deputy Vice Chancellor of the University, His Honour Ahmed Awad Al-Karim, representative of the Ministry of Justice, Dr. Eltahir Abualgassim Mohamed Elshiekh, Dean of the College of Engineering, Dr. Amer Abdellatif, representative of the Solidan Campaign, representative of the Director General of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, Prof Nimir Elbashir, in addition to deans from various colleges and, heads of administrations, and families of young innovators and those interested in the field.

Prof Mohammad Mahjoub, representative of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, assured the ministry’s support for all efforts related to young innovators currently participating in an exhibition in Dubai.

Prof Awad Saad Hassan began his speech by praising the organizers of the honoring celebration, describing them with promising skills, and describing the innovators as the creators who carry within their minds and small fingers the promising future of Sudan and said that these young people are the ones who made the glorious December revolution and they are the ones who opened the way before us in many fields and they are the hopeful future of the country. Therefore, it was necessary for us to establish for them a scientific space for creativity in order to achieve the slogan (Hanbeniho). Professor Awad expressed full readiness to support young innovators financially and morally to build the New Sudan.

Dr. Eltahir Abualgassim Mohamed Elshiekh, Dean of the College of Engineering, explained that the basic visions of the university are to support society, and the main pillar of the university is (teaching - scientific research - community service) and how to reach the relevant segments. Communication has already begun with young engineers who worked in the fields of robotics, mechanics and young innovators.

He added, "We have opened the doors of the College of Engineering to those who need engineering works and students benefit from them in pursuit of innovation. We announce from this platform that the college doors are open to professors and workshops, and that this honor will be annually for all participations and events."

Dr. Tayseer Al-Amin, representative of the Deanship of Scientific Research welcomed the honorable attendees and thanked every hand that supported the building of the heir of the earth and time and the foundation of civilization and urbanization. Still, she added, "We honor the team consisting of young people, old people, and they represent Sudan internally and externally, through a number of competitions and conferences, and their obtaining the first places, for example, to limit the creative idea competition in the Arab Cup for Intelligence and Artificial Programming."

Dr. Amer Abdellatif, representative of the Solidan campaign, said that the campaign has been seeking, since its first inception, to contribute directly and effectively in all areas that advance Sudan locally and globally. Solidan is a global popular campaign to support and consolidate democracy and peace-building in Sudan. Initiated by UMBAJA organisation and the German African Association for Knowledge Transfer (GAAKT) in coordination with the Association for Development Policy Lower Saxony in northern Germany.

The Solidan campaign focuses on many important projects that meet the demands and needs of the people of Sudan and contribute to the democratic transformation in the country, such as education projects and training of women and children in various fields, in the belief that everyone should contribute to the advancement of the country and raise the scientific and knowledge level to achieve technological, economic and social progress.

This team is considered an honorable model for such initiatives, and despite the scarcity of capabilities, they were able to participate in many competitions and won advanced positions and called on all organizations and institutions to provide moral, technical and logistical support.

Khaled Ahmed Rashad, founder of the junior innovators team, said that the team was launched in July 2020, and the children were trained in electronics and programming courses and a (Zoom) course on the basics of electronic programming. sustainable development. Young innovators were honored with certificates of appreciation. Prof Nimir Elbashir donated to support the Young Innovators Team.