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Through a Joyful Celebration Organized by Deanship of Student Affairs, Sudan University Celebrates World Mental Health Day

Within the framework of the celebration of the World Mental Health Day, the Deanship of Student Affairs organized a celebration under the slogan (Mental Health for All). The celebration was attended by Prof Awad Saad, vice chancellor of the University, Prof Mahdi Abbas Shakak, deputy Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr. Maha Fadul Mohammad, Dean of Student Affairs, and Mr. Suleiman Ahmed, deputy Dean of Student Affairs, in addition to deans from various colleges and a large number of students.

Prof Mahdi Abbas Shakak addressed the celebration, driving attention to the need to take advantage of this opportunity to educate community about the need to take care of mental health in light of practical, economic and social pressures.

Dr. Maha Fadul, Dean of Student Affairs, also expressed her gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of this day, including the Ministry of Health, which supported the Deanship with aids and the students of the Psychology Department at the College of Education and the General Administration for Drug Control for their participation in the awareness samples. Dr. Maha added that the individual is the basic building block of society and for the welfare of society, the building blocks must be reformed. She also stressed the need not to consider mental illness as a defect and to initiate treatment to make the matter easier.

Mr. Suleiman Ahmed, deputy Dean of Student Affairs, pointed out that mental health begins with the issue of self-esteem and the individual's ability to coexist and interact to create a healthy society, not to conceal illness and reconciliation with oneself.

The program included awareness lectures, a dramatic performance by students of the College of Music and Drama, musical sessions, and an accompanying exhibition that won the audience's approval.