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College of Water and Environmental Engineering and Deanship of Scientific Research Hold an Enlightening Lecture on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)

Honored by the presence of Prof. Awad Saad Hassan, vice chancellor of Sudan University of Science and Technology, the College of Water and Environmental Engineering and the Deanship of Scientific Research, organized a scientific lecture titled,

"Sudan’s Position and Latest Developments on the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, Money and Impact".

The audience included Prof. Mahdi Abbas Shakak, deputy Vice chancellor of the University, Prof. Amal Omar Bakhit, Dean of Scientific Research, Dr. Adam Khalifa Mohamed, Dean of the College of Water and Environmental Engineering, members of the Sudanese Negotiating Team at the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources, and a large number of professors, students, experts in the field and those interested.

Prof. Shakak explained his belief that negotiations are the best way to solve the crisis. He said, “We rely on the professional scientific side to reach a consensual formula that satisfies everyone.” His Excellency stressed the need to avoid negative effects through scientific studies provided by universities. "We have a distinguished engineering department at the university that deals with such engineering and research studies", he added.

Prof. Amal Bakhit welcomed the guests and said, “Scientific research provides solutions of planning and strategic dimensions to all situations and scenarios that result from the construction of the dam.” She indicated that scientific and research studies are the only way to solve all problems in various aspects of life.

Dr. Adam Khalifa Mohammed expressed his happiness with the scientific lecture and said, "We always seek to put and analyze the scientific aspects at the forefront of the scene, especially since the dam is an engineering project with negative and positive dimensions and our accumulated experiences in this aspect contribute to finding solutions to its negative effects".

Mr. Mustafa Hussein Al-Zubair, an engineer and head of the technical staff at the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources, explained in the lecture the main contents of the dam’s body, its components and design measurements. He explained that negotiations are still underway about the fate of the dam's safety and the ownership of sufficient information for all parties.

In the same context, the speakers and commentators at the end of the lecture emphasized the need to make use of water without causing harm to others, while exchanging information and data and in a clear and consistent manner between all conflicting parties, while finding a specific mechanism for ownership and operation while respecting the sovereignty of states and the law. It was also agreed on the importance of continuing and the intensification of such enlightening meetings about the dam.