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UNESCO Chair Workshop: “Women’s Role in Manufacturing” at Sudan University Calls for Stopping Waste of Natural Resources

Prof. Amal Babiker Mohamed Ibrahim, chairholder of UNESCO ISESCO Chair in Women, demanded the necessity of working in the field of agricultural industrialization during the agricultural seasons, which leads to abundance, stability and benefit from the added value of resources, where the main issue being that a lot of vegetables and fruits are wasted due to poor storage and preservation. This was pointed out during the workshop on "Women's Role in Agricultural Manufacturing", which was held by the chair.

Prof. Amal Ibrahim also pointed out that the Chair carried out a number of studies during the past year that resulted in projects that need only funding. She called for the necessity of establishing seasonal camps to facilitate the use of the existing crops for local consumption and export, and to stop wasting hard currencies.

Mr. Omar Ibrahim Babiker, representative of the Egyptian Agricultural Bank, praised the chair's initiative in the field of rural development, especially for women and the Agricultural Bank supports this development in all parts of Sudan through the Agricultural Bank of Sudan Microfinance Initiative (ABSUMI).

Mr. Bashir Waqea Allah, the administrative expert and representative of the Sudanese Palm Society, expressed his gratitude to those in charge of the chair, and said that the workshop will come up with recommendations that can be used during the agricultural forum to be held in the coming period.

It is noteworthy that the workshop was attended by a qualitative presence of representatives of the Central Bank of Sudan, the General Secretariat of the Zakat Office and the Ministry of Animal Wealth, Agriculture, Agricultural Wealth, Livestock and Livestock Resources.