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New Story Collection Event “The Tale of the Girl Rawah”

The College of Languages at Sudan University for Science and Technology (SUST), introduced a new collection of short stories "The Tale of the Girl Rawah" by the author Dr. Yousif Ali Al-Duwaida, a staff member of the Faculty of Languages at the university, with the presence of Dr. Al-Tijani Adam Amir Al-Habbaniyah, heads of departments, university professors, and a group of those interested in art criticism and a number of writers and storytellers.

Dr. Babiker Al-Zein, Head of the Arabic Language Academy, expressed his appreciation for this gathering, and said, "One of the scholars was asked about Medina and Mecca, and he said: In Mecca there is glory and in Medina there is beauty, and the soul craves beauty and fears glory, so our university is lofty, to which I am proud to belong, among its teachers are beauty, purity, kindness, and good company" .

"Whoever rides the horse of the Arabic language has grasped a strong rope, and it is sufficient that it is the language of the Qur’an and the language of the final message, which means that it is valid for the whole world", he added.

"Stories are tales that bring meanings closer to the mind and shorten time, and it is enough for us to be proud that one of the university professors was chosen to head the Arabic Language Academy, represented by my humble self", he added.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Mahdi, Head of the Arabic Language Department at the College of Languages, considered the event as a gesture from the university to honor its professors. The presence of a storyteller and poet belonging to this prestigious institution is a source of pride, as he is a witness who owned the two industries with an enlightened flowing knowledge.

Prof. Mohamad Daoud Mohamad, Dean of the College of Languages at the university, presented a general reading of the collection of stories, which consists of 270 pages containing a number of stories with a set of ideas and dimensions that tell the story of the stork, the girl Rawah, the birth, scattered on the night of the execution, and the painting that rains gold.

Prof. Daoud commented that it included the basic pillars of the story, such as the social and political conflict in the country and the world, the characters, the environment, and the temporal and spatial structure. He followed the latest design techniques and is called the thresholds of the text or the parallel text that pushes the reader to question the story.

He said that the literary novel in general reached the first stage, followed by poetry, then wisdom and proverbs, which made critics pay the greatest attention to it.