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Vice Chancellor of SUST Meets a Delegation of Petronas Company

The Vice Chancellor of Sudan University of Science and Technology, Prof. Eisa Bashier Mohamad, received at his office Ms. Mai Jadallah, General Manager of the Malaysian Petronas Company, accompanied by Mr. Yahya Munawar, Director of Administrative Affairs and Public Relations of the company.

From SUST, the meeting included Prof. Abdelazim Suleiman Al-Mahal, Deputy Vice Chancellor of the university, Dr. Mohamad Awad Al-Sheikh, Deputy Vice-Principal of the university, Dr. Ahmed Abdulaziz, Dean of the College of Petroleum and Mining Engineering, Dr. Huda Osman Abdullah, Director of Public Relations and Media, and Dr. Maryam Abbas, Director of External Relations.

Prof. Bashier welcomed Petronas delegation and valued the long-standing, great and extended relationship with the company by honoring the outstanding students in the faculties of engineering at the university. He added, “The company has made clear and tangible efforts to overcome difficulties in the academic process by supporting insolvent and outstanding students.”

The Vice Chancellor also stressed the necessity of framing the relationship with the company through smart partnership and fruitful cooperation that translates into joint research, training, exchange of professors, experiences, consultations and students as well as community service through the various university faculties and benefiting from the company's social responsibility programs in supporting the university's infrastructure and expanding in other colleges and multiple disciplines besides Engineering colleges.

Ms. May Jadallah expressed her happiness in deepening relations with SUST, which has a bright history and with the Petronas Company, as it is one of the most ranked universities and its students are distinguished by excellence and creativity, which made them win a large share of grants from the company.

Ms. Jadallah expressed her hope for the continuation of the relationship with the university and its development, that serves both parties. She also promised to submit all proposals for other means of cooperation submitted by the university to the concerned authorities to include them in the terms of cooperation.

The Vice Chancellor also expressed his appreciation for the relationship with the company, promising to frame it through a memorandum of understanding. His Excellency also suggested the formation of a sub-committee from the university and Petronas company to activate aspects of cooperation, manage activities and follow them up directly so that their investigation and success can be written for the benefit of both sides and students.

His Excellency presented the General Manager of the company a memorial shield and a gift from the product of the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts. At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Mariam Abbas gave a brief presentation of the university's development stages and the strategy to work in a team spirit launched by Prof. Bashier since he assumed his position as the university's vice chancellor.