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ERASMUS+ Staff Mobility Call to Igdir University

The External Relations Unit  at Sudan University for Science and Technology is glad to announce the opening of the application for academic exchange for staff with Igdir University within the scope of the 2022 ERASMUS ICM Project.

The mobility period is 22-26 May 2023. (5 Days From Monday to Friday).

Applicants should apply within 3 weeks from the date of this announcement.

Who can apply?

Staff Teaching/Training Mobility

Academic staff, officers and technicians are allowed.

The possible departments are: Computer Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Civil Engineering.

Application start and end date

Selection criteria is given below,

  1. The English language score is calculated by taking 20% of the language test score.
  2.  Active involvement in Erasmus ICM Project writing (+20 grade)
  3. Not having benefited from Erasmus Mobility before (+10 grade)
  4. Not having benefited from Erasmus staff mobility as a department before (+5 grade)
  5. To have benefited from the program in the previous academic year (-10 grade)

Host university website

Quota for the mobilities

Mobility Type Quota Duration Total Grant Departments
Staff Mobility for Teaching/Training 3 5 days - - Computer Engineering
- Electronics Engineering
- Civil Engineering