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A Fruitful Promising Meeting between the Agricultural Bank of Sudan (ABS) and SUST

Prof. Eisa Bashier Mohamad, Vice Chancellor of Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST), chaired the university’s meeting with the delegation of the Agricultural Bank of Sudan (ABS), headed by Mr. Ahmed Adam Abdel Karim, the Director General of the Bank.

ABS delegation also includes Dr. Ezz El-Din Mohamed Fageer, Deputy General Manager, Mr. Salah El-Din Ajeeb, Assistant Director General of Finance and Banking, and Mr. Hafez Ramadan Hammad, Assistant Director The Administrative General and Mr. Al-Rasheed Osman Ali, Director of the Main Branch, and Mr. Abd Al-Hafiz Abdallah Nasser, Director of the Technology Department, and Mr. Hassan Ali Sayed Ahmed, Director of the Public Relations Department, and Ms. Amani Ahmed Al-Sayed, Director of the Banking Marketing Department.

From SUST, the meeting included Prof. Abdel-Azim Suleiman Al-Muhal, Deputy Vice Chancellor of the university, Prof. Awadalla Tayfor Ali Ismail, Principal of the university, Dr. Mohamad Awad Al-Sheikh, Deputy Principal, Dr. Abdel-Moneim Khalil, Director of the Investment Department at the University, Dr. Mustafa Al-Jack, Director of the Sudan Center for Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship, Prof. Mustafa Najm Al-Bishari, Advisor to the University Vice Chancellor for Financial Development, and Dr. Huda Osman Abdallah, Director of the Public Relations and Media Administration and Dr. Maryam Abbas, Director of the External Relations Administration.

The vice chancellor, Prof. Bashier, welcomed the delegation, introducing the university as a well-known governmental university bearing the name of Sudan, as well as the Sudanese Agricultural Bank, stressing the need for smart partnerships between the two institutions that meet in many general goals that advance the future of work in the two institutions. Issa considered the meeting as preliminary to discussing aspects of cooperation and defining the terms of the agreement The memorandum of understanding is expected to be signed soon between the university and the bank, referring in this context to the university's partnerships with counterpart institutions, in addition to national and private industrial institutions.