With the Participation of parents, the College of Engineering Celebrates and Welcomes Freshers

The College of Engineering, with its various schools and departments, welcomed the newly admitted students who were accepted for the academic year 2022-2023, during the massive celebration organized by the college, with the honor and presence of Dr. Mohamad Al-Amin Ahmed Babiker, Dr. Ebtihal Haidar Gismalla, Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs, Dr. Mohammed Yagoub Esmail, Deputy Dean for Administrative Affairs, Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim Ataa Elmanan, Registrar of the College, Dr. sam Abdelnabi Osman Mohammed Ali, Head of the Schedules and Examinations Department, and a group of faculty members, heads of various schools departments and students and their parents.

Dr. Mohamad Al-Amin welcomed the new students to SUST, the castle of knowledge and the icon of the Sudanese universities. He thanked the parents for their perseverance with their children to reach the ladder of excellence and success. He said, "The College of Engineering is the first in Sudan, its academic programs are advanced and modern, and its scientific fame is distinguished".

He also called on the students to be unique and to continue to receive knowledge diligently and to present the best of their cultural and skills and to challenge all circumstances for the advancement and development of Sudan in all engineering and social fields.

He also wished them success and recommended them to communicate with the various schools and departments of the college and said, "We have prepared the halls for you, equipped the laboratories and workshops with the latest mechanisms, and we are waiting for a lot of giving from you".

The heads of the various schools and departments emphasized that their hearts and doors are open to receive all questions, consultations, and to provide all the necessary assistance and support the students’ academic journey at the university. It is worth noting that during the program, introductory, educational and enlightening lectures were presented to the students about the results system, registration, and academic and supervisory regulations. The students received them with welcome, questions and discussion.