College of Business Studies Celebrates Newly Admitted Students

Amidst a large crowd of students and parents, the College of Business Studies at Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST) held an orientation celebration for the newly admitted students for the academic year 2022-2023. The event was attended by Dr. Mohamad Al-Mustafa Mohamed, Dean of the College of Commercial Studies, Dr. Lamia Bakri, Deputy Dean of the College, and Bdr Eldean Adam Abdalrasoul, head of the Higher Committee for freshers reception, Ms. Fatima Abdul Karim, the students' supervisor at the college, the heads of the various departments at the college and professors.

Dr. Mohamad Al-Mustafa welcomed the newly admitted students and asked them to make more efforts and excel. He presented a detailed and comprehensive definition of the history and achievements of the College of Business Studies and its provision to the labor market with qualified cadres trained in practical application in various fields.

"Everyone attests to the University of Sudan of its nobility and distinction, and the students must carry the banner and the torch of knowledge and preserve this great legacy and good reputation in all forums at home and abroad", he added.

He also mentioned that students are ambassadors of science and knowledge, community leaders and renaissance makers in the future, Ali stressed that the college has prepared a good arrangement for halls and laboratories to receive students of science.

Dr. Bdr Eldean Adam Abdalrasoul explained that they have prepared various extra-curricular programs in addition to enlightening meetings and freshers reception events. He said, "The College of business studies has mobilized all its scientific, knowledge and logistical capabilities and the college professors testify that they all have great experience and high skills".

He also called on the new students to change the country’s reality and situation for the better, and stressed that the solution to various problems comes through contributing to improving the general economy and providing it with expert distinguished cadres.

Ms. Fatima Abdel Karim called for the necessity of communicating with the Deanship of Students, as it is the body entrusted with supervision, care and support for all students. She indicated that the university represents a home and a family for all students.

The representative of the students, Fath Al-Rahman Hassan, expressed their pleasure and happiness in winning the University of Sudan. She said, "We must strive more to create a better economic reality that raises the status of the country. Sudan is waiting for our arms and our dreams to see it as the most beautiful and complete".

The program included introductory lectures to the departments of the College, the registration system, and the academic regulations, presented by the heads of those departments. The ceremony also included student performances that won the approval and interaction of all.