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Honoring and Appreciation of Student Registration Committees by Secretariat of Scientific Affairs

The Secretariat of Scientific Affairs and the Center for Private Admission and Bachelor of Technology at Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST) organized a ceremony expressing gratitude and appreciation for all the committees participating in the process of registering newly admitted students for the academic year 2022-2023.

The event was attended by Dr. Afraa Hashem, Deputy Secretary of Scientific Affairs, Mr. Jalal AbdalRahman Mohammad, head of the Center for Private and Bachelor of Technology Admission, Dr. Huda Osman Abdalla, Director of Public Relations and Media, Dr. Mohamad Osman Al-Fahal, Assistant Secretary of the Secretariat of Scientific Affairs for Computing, in addition to all the committees participating in the registration process, and a group of attendees from among the university's employees.

Dr. Afra Hashem expressed her happiness with the honoring ceremony and thanked all the university employees, and in particular the employees of the Secretariat of Scientific Affairs. She said, "Arrangement and good preparation helped a lot in the success of the registration process, and our qualified staff had the lead". She also conveyed congratulations, blessings, admiration and thanks to the parents and students to the university administration and staff for the meticulous organization and great interest in the registration process.

Dr. Afraa stated that all the participating committees, including academic staff, employees and workers, worked hard and diligently, which reflected high quality and distinction in performance befitting SUST and its prestigious history.

She said, "The Private Admission Center introduced the latest technologies that simplified and facilitated the registration process. The computer center is the right arm in technical and artistic work. In the future, we seek to reduce and speed up the process for convenience of students and their parents."

Dr. Mohamad Osman Al-Fahal expressed his appreciation for such a great achievement contributing to the university’s march. He said, "Everyone joined forces to make the registration process a success, and they have all our appreciation for their efforts and sweat".

He also expressed his happiness with the success of the modern electronic registration experience for new students. He said, "We developed our systems and transferred to them the latest technical breakthroughs. The result was amazing, which was reflected in the addition of modern knowledge transfers, as well as job satisfaction, students' comfort, and a reduction in procedures."

Mr. Jalal AbdalRahman Mohammad, thanked everyone who contributed and worked with sincerity and brought joy, happiness and satisfaction into their hearts. "The honor comes as an expression of their gratitude and thanks to everyone who had a great role or mission in the registration process", he commented.

Mr. Jalal indicated that work and preparation for the registration began long before its launch, he explained that they mobilized ideas, experiences, and all modern and electronic technologies. Therefore, the work was easy, prepared, and tidy, and he explained that the registration period, its details, will remain engraved in the memory.

Finally, Mr. Jalal wished success to all participants in the registration process. He also noted to the new students that they need to pay the greatest attention to study and make efforts and make success and excellence their first goal. He said, "Excellence and leadership are a feature of the university and I hope that success will accompany the university in its spotless journey and students excel and pay".

At the end of the ceremony, certificates of thanks and appreciation were distributed to members of the various student registration committees, in gratitude for their efforts, amidst the warmth and happiness of all the staff.