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Conference on Media Issues in Higher Education Institutions Organized by College of Communication Science

Students of the Department of Public Relations and Advertising at the College of Communication Science, Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST), organized a  conference on Sudanese media and higher education issues under the slogan "Towards Media between Theory and Professionalism", through which scientific research papers were presented dealing with public relations in Sudanese universities and the Department of Public Relations and Media at the University.

The event was attended by Dr. Al-Mahdi Suleiman Al-Mahdi, Dean of the College, and Dr. Salih Musa, Head of the Public Relations and Advertising Department at the College, who is also the supervisor of the conference, in additions to college professors and students.

Dr. Al-Mahdi Suleiman emphasized the necessity of linking theoretical aspects with practical application in the various media fields. He said, "We bet on the reputation of our graduates when hiring. Our policy in the future is based on honing the talents of students and their knowledge excellence in the media and in practice."

Dr. Al-Mahdi also appealed to the administration of the academic departments of the college to give extra-curricular programs and scientific workshops the greatest attention and to provide students with the opportunity for creativity, excellence and uniqueness.

Dr. Salih Musa expressed his happiness with the organized conference and appreciated the efforts of the college administration and its supervision of students' programs and their scientific activities. He said, "Media students have the talent and skills necessary to go through various media experiences. Conferences and applied workshops highlight and refine their knowledge experiences."

Furthermore, Dr. Salih stated that the extra-curricular and practical programs aim to document the current events in order to set a great impact and a good example that guides next generation. Salih pointed out the importance of acquiring skills by reviewing ideas, models and experiences. He stressed the importance of holding scientific exhibitions that reflect students' ideas and theses and support the outputs of their scientific activities.

The conference included two scientific sessions. The first session was chaired by Dr. Salih Musa, during which Dr. Huda Osman Abdallah, Director of the Public Relations and Media Department at the University, presented a scientific paper and a detailed explanation for public relations and media in Sudanese universities, with the Department of Public Relations and Media at SUST as a model. The paper was commented on by Dr. Shaza Elzain Mahmmoud.

The second session was chaired by Dr. Abdullah Fathi, Professor of Media in Sudanese Universities, during which the second paper was presented by Dr. Mohamad Saeed, titled "Teaching Journalism in Sudanese Media Colleges between Theory and Professionalism", which was commented on by Dr. Yasser Babiker, former dean of the college and staff member in the Department of Radio and Television. It is mention worthy that students and attendees interacted actively by questions and discussion.