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The Principal of SUST Visits the Early Childhood Center

This morning, Prof. Awadalla Tayfor Ali Ismail, Principal of Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST), visited the early childhood center at the university, due to the invitation of the director of the center, Ms. Hind Abdel-Razek Suleiman, on the occasion of the exhibition of children's drawings.

In a statement after his tour, Prof. Tayfor expressed his amazement by the center, which exceeded his imagination in terms of the prepared facilities and the wonderful and beautiful distribution that covered all levels of the center, including the nursery, the first level and the second level. He expressed his happiness as 80% of the admitted children are children of university employees.

He added that he was happy to learn that the fees of the center for all levels are less than the fees of kindergartens and childhood centers in Khartoum state by more than 70%. He praised the work team of the center, which enjoys high qualifications and skills and a great sense of responsibility. His Excellency was briefed on the center's benefit from the university's structures represented in the College of Education and the College of Arts and the College of Languages.

Prof Tayfor added that the center has become a practice lab for SUST's students (diploma and bachelor’s degrees) who are specializing in kindergartens at the College of Education. He also commented on the center’s qualified management who is experienced in the field and working hard towards performing its great mission in serving an important segment of society and in the stage that is related to the formation of the individual’s personality.

Prof Tayfor promised to work on Developing the Childhood Center in all aspects under the direct auspices of the university's senior management, completing all deficiencies, framing aspects of cooperation and benefiting from the relevant university faculties (fine and applied arts, education, physical education and sports, music, drama and languages), so that the center is more attractive to beneficiaries in the region.

In a statement by Ms. Hind Abdel-Razek Suleiman, Director of the Center, she explained that the center's curriculum is the same as that of the Pre-School Education Department at the Ministry of Education in Khartoum State. She added that the center has an accompanying curriculum that includes languages (English, French, Chinese and German) in addition to graduation research that is carried out by the child and his family after selecting a research topic that is subject to discussion by a specialized committee from the center.

Ms. Hind also mentioned that the center holds events and activities related to national and religious events in addition to the curriculum, and added one of its examples (Language Day), where the center was honored by the visit of His Excellency the German Ambassador in Khartoum in their celebration of the German Language Day.

Furthermore, Ms. Hind mentioned that the center has been evaluated by the Pre-School Education Department of the Ministry of Education. The Ministry directed the departments of kindergartens and childhood centers in Khartoum State to visit the Childhood Center, where the Kindergartens administrations paid a visit to the center on the 6th, 7th, and 8th of this December.

She concluded her speech commenting that there are vacancies in the center at all levels, and announced the readiness of the center to receive children with lower fees.

Prof. Tayfor was bid farewell by the children with a melody that translates their joy, a farewell that gives a sense of sincerity of feelings and spontaneous interaction of childhood.