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Vice Chancellor of SUST Receives a Delegation of University of N’Djamena

Prof. Eisa Bashier Mohamad, Vice Chancellor of Sudan University of Science and Technology, received the delegation of the University of N'Djamena, Dr. Ahmed Mohamad Zain, Director of Scientific Research and International Cooperation, and Dr. Mohamad Bishr Al-Kateb, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, accompanied by Prof. Mohamad AbuImam from the Open University of Sudan.

From SUST the meeting included Prof. Mustafa Najm Al-Bishari, Vice Chancellor's Consultant for Financial Affairs, Prof. Mohamad Daoud, Dean of the Faculty of Languages, Dr. Huda Osman Abdullah, Director of Public Relations and Media, and Dr. Maryam Abbas, Director of External Relations.

Prof. Eisa Bashier welcomed the delegation, which aims to activate the memorandum of understanding signed between Sudan University and the University of N'Djamena since 2012.

His Excellency emphasized that the factors of neighborhood, common language and the great overlap in customs, traditions and culture helped in consolidating relations and in turn helped to activate the terms of the agreement at a high level and on a large scale, especially since SUST includes 25 colleges, most of which are applied, stressing that with culture and study, bonding occurs in communities.

Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Zain expressed his gratitude for the warm reception, conveying to the Vice Chancellor of Sudan University, the greetings of the President of the University of Ndjamena, announcing his upcoming visit to Sudan and Sudan University. And he mentioned that the lack of qualified staff with high scientific degrees in the Arabic language delayed the establishment of the College of Graduate Studies, which was recently established. Dr. Zain added that Sudan helps solve many problems at the University of N'Djamena, especially in preparing the qualified staff that will be provided by activating the memorandum and updating its provisions.

Dr. Mohamad Bishr Al-Kateb stressed the importance of cooperation with SUST in terms of holding training courses, continuous training, and opening many horizons and fields, especially in Scientific research and other scientific activities such as conferences and workshops, in addition to joint research projects.

Prof. Bashier confirmed the readiness of SUST to provide all that N'Djamena University needs in terms of qualification for teachers and training in various fields and sectors through the university's centers and colleges. In order for the meeting to have a tangible positive impact in the interest of the two universities, an announcement is made about the formation of a joint committee from both sides to activate the memorandum of understanding immediately after the meeting, and His Excellency presented a gift to the head of the delegation from the products of the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts.