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Students of Omdur English Private School Visit SUST Computer Center

The Computer Center at Sudan University for Science and Technology (SUST) received the students of Um-Dur Private Primary School (6th grade) on a scientific introductory visit. Ms. Somaya Abdallah, manager of SUST Website Administration, said that the goal of the visit was for the school students to find out about the modern technologies that are available in the computer center in addition to knowing the aspects and scientific applications of computers, especially that sixth-grade students study information and communication technology.

Somaya explained that SUST's mission is to serve the community in all forms of benefit, especially the technology that characterizes the university's computer center, which contributes to introducing students and society as a whole to modern and advanced disciplines in the fields of information technology and communication networks, which in turn contribute to the development of society and production in all modern fields. The university opens its doors to all those seeking benefit, especially the technology that distinguishes the university through the Computer Center and the College of Computer Science and Information Technology.

The students toured all sections of the computer center and listened to a full explanation by the staff members on all the scientific programs offered by the center through its technical and scientific departments in the fields of technical and informatics knowledge.