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Honoring SUST Graduates Who Won Fifth Place in Dell Technologies Graduation Project Competition

The Deanship of Scientific Research, in cooperation with the Secretariat of Scientific Affairs at Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST), held an event honoring students of the Electrical Engineering Department (control) for their participation and obtaining the fifth place in the scientific competition organized by Dell Technologies under the slogan "Envision The Future".

The event was attended by Prof. Abdelazim Suleiman Al-Mahal, Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. Amal Omar Bakhiet, Dean of Scientific Research, Prof. Caroline Edward Ayad, Secretary of Scientific Affairs, Dr. Mohammad Al-Amin Ahmed Babiker, Dean of the College of Engineering, and a group of scientists, deans, heads of departments, students, graduates and their families.

Prof. Al-Mahal expressed his happiness with the new scientific achievement and said, “We are very proud of the achievements of SUST graduates. We invite students to follow their example and follow the path of scientific research and innovation.”

His Excellency valued the effort of the College of Engineering and its management to supervise the scientific and distinguished projects and support them scientifically and cognitively.

"Creative skills are what lead the world and create renaissance and development, and with positive change, the journey of creativity and future development begins," he said.

Prof. Al-Mahal pointed out the importance of humility, defying difficulties and harnessing science to serve society, and called for moving away from traditionalism and said that knowledge should be consolidated through inventions instead of ruminating on previous ideas.

Professor Amal Omar Bakhiet has explained that the fields of science, creativity and innovation are the basis and main objective of the programs of the Deanship of Scientific Research.

She said, "We support university graduates and youth by strengthening their knowledge and giving them all the necessary aids to acquire knowledge and expertise. The College of Engineering is known for its leadership and productive projects that are directly related to society in general and to groups with special needs."

Furthermore, she explained that the project presented by the electrical engineering graduates is unique and scientifically studied and must be linked to the relevant authorities in order to reach the largest number of sectors of society.

Prof. Caroline Edward Ayyad congratulated the students who won the international competition and congratulated them on their achievement and expressed her happiness with the great scientific effort and the great brainstorming presented through it.

She also called for all students with different specializations to follow their colleagues in the university. She said, "The competition included more than 250 competing teams from the world, and the Sudan University team passed all the qualifiers and obtained advanced positions, and this represents everyone's pride and achieves a good reputation for the university."

Dr. Mohammad Al-Amin Ahmed Babiker, Dean of the College of Engineering, thanked the organizers of the honoring cermony and said, “Honoring is a good habit that raises the spirits and urges more effort and effort.”

He hoped that the students would continue to improve their performance and continue to develop and update their research and scientific projects, and stressed that the college will provide material and moral support to all creative and distinguished projects, wishing everyone progress and prosperity.

At the end of the honoring ceremony, the honorees presented a detailed presentation of their winning project. The supervisor of the research project, Mr. Jalal AbdalRahman Mohammad, and the graduates who won were honored with certificates of appreciation and commemorative shields.