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SUST’s Deanship of Student Affairs Organizes a Drugs Awareness Workshop

In the framework of combating drugs and amidst a large crowd of students, the Deanship of Student Affairs at Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST) organized an awareness day about the dangers and effects of drugs and ways to combat them.

The event was attended by Dr. Abdel Salam Kamel Abdel Salam, Dean of Student Affairs at the university, and Mr. Mortada Mohamed Hamad, Head of the Counseling and Psychological Support Department, Police Brigadier General Moatasem Ibrahim Yaqoub, Director of the Technical Affairs Department of the General Department for Drug Control, Police Major Zaher Khalfallah Abdel-Sayed, Director of the Information and Awareness Department for Drug Control, and a group of teachers, student supervisors and employees of the Anti-Drug Department.

Dr. Abdel-Salam expressed his happiness with the awareness initiative and stated that it is in the interest of students and is reflected in their mental and physical health.

He said, "The workshop aims to create a nucleus for spreading awareness and empowering students with information and knowledge by accommodating students within the guidance and counseling program by forming field working groups to transfer the necessary skills and linking them with the relevant authorities to work as one team using scientific and practical methods while taking into account the psychological and mental aspects of students."

He stated that, through the training workshop, they target more than 100 students who were selected from various specializations and programs to cover all the university's various campuses.

He explained that introducing and raising awareness of the harms of drugs and combating them represents one of the original roles of the Deanship of Students' Affairs and a positive attempt to reduce the negative effects of drug abusers and to limit its spread and circulation among students and youth.

"The deanship has a specialized section for psychological support in which treatment, follow-up and guidance are provided by experts in the field, taking into account complete confidentiality and the necessary privacy", he added.

Through the workshop program, Police Brigadier General Moatasem Ibrahim gave an awareness lecture on "Methods of Drug Control and Treatment Methods for Addiction". Police Major Zaher Khalafallah gave an educational lecture on "The Role of the General Department for Drug Control in Warding Off Its Effects and Reducing Demand".

At the end of the workshop, a documentary film about drugs and how to combat them was reviewed. Certificates were also distributed to the participants of the training workshop amidst everyone's interaction and approval.