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Senate Meeting No.2-2022: Vice Chancellor of the University Informs the Senate of the Great Achievements

Prof. Eisa Bashier Mohamad, the vice chancellor of Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST), chaired the Senate meeting No. (2) for the year 2022. His Excellency congratulated the new members of the Council from the senior management who have been promoted to professorship, deans and heads of departments and paid respect wishing mercy for the souls that passed away.

His Excellency briefed the University Senate on the university’s achievements in the previous period, including the global progress of the university in the global ranking of Webometrics, calling on researchers to do more hard work to move the university forward. He also mentioned the electoral processes that took place in a number of colleges to nominate deans.

His Excellency also added that the university received the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research to inspect the stability of the academic process, and mentioned the visit of the Yemeni cultural attaché to overcome the difficulties facing Yemeni students, in addition to the visit of the Ambassador of the State of Malaysia and another visit of a popular delegation from the State of Malaysia with the aim of the university’s participation in their celebration of the National Day, and thus the university’s participation was through the College of Fine Arts and applied arts.

His Excellency also spoke about the meeting with the delegation of Arab Suppliers and Importers at SUST's  administration and their proposal for promising projects, and a joint committee was formed to follow up and reach satisfactory goals. He also revealed that SUST dedicated a building at the university to establish an integrated laboratory for the Chinese language, in addition to making arrangements to sign a memorandum of understanding with Chinese universities.

His Excellency also mentioned the university’s reception of the delegation of the African Institute of Leather Industries in order to activate the memorandum of understanding between the two parties and to install equipment and devices funded by the European Union for the incubator of leather industries to increase the production line in leather industries which will be a great and promising addition to leather products in the university, Sudan and the region.

His Excellency also revealed that the university administration paid a visit to the headquarters of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA), which operates very seriously in the agricultural fields, and then the agency visited the College of Agricultural Studies, which submitted a project approved by the agency. He alerted the university colleges that are interested in the agency field to expedite the submission of their projects.

Prof Eisa explained that memoranda of understanding have been signed with the University of Science and Technology, the Roads, Bridges and Water Drains Cooperation in Khartoum State, the British Council and UCSI University of Malaysia. He called on faculties, institutes and centers to implement and activate memoranda of understanding and agreements in serious partnerships to be another source of income for university and institution employees.

Furthermore, the vice chancellor announced the preparations for a workshop to maximize the university's rich resources, which makes SUST appealing to authorities and institutions. He also explained the university’s proposal for many improvements for academic staff and other university employees by increasing administrative role payment for the occupants of administrative positions to ten folds in return for the great and venerable work that they perform in addition to increasing the value of the extra hours payment categories in additionto increasing the value of the entire examination process payment categories. A unified committee for financial incentives was also formed with the aim of removing paradoxes and arriving at an appropriate estimate of the incentives.

He continued, mentioning that a committee was formed to draw up a list that guarantees benefits for academic staff members in the countries of the diaspora, provided that they work in academic institutions to guarantee them the right to promotions and the privileges of the children-of-staff in return for a symbolic fee and to publish research on behalf of the university.

The Senate approved the results of the College of Graduate Studies at the doctorate, masters, and post-graduate diploma levels. The senate also approved the undergraduate results of the various colleges of the university at the bachelor's and diploma levels.

Furthermore, the following proposals are approved, the proposal to establish a medical education development center at the College of Medicine, a proposal to amend the Bachelor of Education (honor) program in pre-school education from five to four years, and a proposal for a Doctor of Philosophy program in the management of engineering projects by courses and research.