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SUST Creates an Educational Space to Raise Awareness of Breast Cancer

The Deanship of Scientific Research, in cooperation with the UNESCO-ISESCO Chair for Women, Science and Technology at Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST), organized an awareness day about breast cancer within the global program for raising awareness of breast cancer risks, which occurs in October of each year.

The event was attended by Prof. Eisa Bashier Mohamed, Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. Abdelazim Suleiman Al-Mahal, Deputy Vice Chancellor of SUST, Prof. Amal Omar Bakhiet, Dean of Scientific Research, Dr. Mariam Abbas, UNESCO Chairholder at SUST and head of External Relations, Mr. George Papagiannis, Director of UNESCO’s Office in Sudan, Dr. AbdelQadir Abdeen, Director of UNESCO’s Office in Khartoum, representatives of organizations and associations, directors of chairs in various fields in Sudanese universities, and a group of students.

Prof. Bashier valued the partnership with humanitarian and social organizations and associations, and said, “The university has adopted the organization of the Breast Cancer Awareness Day in the context of developing the health and medical service for all sectors of society, especially mothers and women.”

His Excellency pointed out the need to develop scientific research in the fields of human medicine and bio-engineering to contribute to combating harmful and deadly diseases. "The university’s mission is to work on human service and harness science to find solutions to many problems, and the university’s cadres are qualified and distinguished for their scientific research in many fields all over the world", he added.

Furthermore, his Excellency indicated that the university has many campus sites, including medical colleges with various specializations that contribute to providing the community and supporting it with scientific research as well as vaccinations and the provision of necessary treatment for many diseases. He explained that the month of October is to educate women and mothers about the dangers of such a disease that threaten their precious lives. In conclusion, he wished everyone health and safety.

Mr. George Papagiannis expressed his happiness for attending the event at SUST and assured the necessity and importance of periodic and continuous examination to increase safety and early reassurance for all women. He said, "Our previous experiences with the disease earned us global experience in dealing with it, and with determination and early detection, we will eradicate cancer in the future."

Mr. Papagiannis added that the interest in the present time in combating the disease has become great, and scientific development has benefited scientific research on the disease, and UNESCO provides wide spaces for awareness and education.

Prof. Amal Omar Bakhiet welcomed the attendees and stressed that they pay great attention to directing scientific research to fight diseases and epidemics, especially those affecting women.

Dr. Mariam Abbas indicated that Pink October aims to raise awareness about the disease of breast cancer that affects women. She said, “Women deserve our attention and care because they are a source of happiness and strength.”

The educational day contained many lectures, the most prominent of which were about "The role of stem cells in the treatment of breast cancer", presented by Prof. Heba Badr Eldin Khalil, Director of the Stem Cell Center of the Deanship of Scientific Research at Al-Neelain University, and Prof. Caroline Edward Ayad, Secretary of Scientific Affairs at SUST, presented a scientific lecture titled "Diagnosis Medical examination by imaging and x-rays".

The program included the screening of a documentary film urging women to conduct early detection and an integrated awareness of how to deal with breast cancer. The comedy group (Da'ash) also presented theatrical and educational performance  to explain the necessity of early detection and the implications of the disease.