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SUST Signs an MoU with the National Council for Child Welfare

Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST) signed a memorandum of understanding with the National Council for Child Welfare, as SUST believes in the necessity of strengthening joint cooperation with the National Council for Child Welfare in order to advocate for issues of common interest and to sponsor initiatives for common goals and the contribution of both parties through programs and projects that are concerned with capacity building, exchange of expertise, development and communication between SUST and the Council through various mechanisms.

Prof. Eisa Bashier Mohamed, Vice Chancellor of the University, signed on behalf of SUST , and signed on behalf of the council by its Secretary General, Dr. AbdelQader Abdallah Abu Ali.

The event was attended by Dr. Yousif Mohamad Al-Nour AbdelHakam, Dean of the College of Education, Dr. Adel Mohamad Al-Tayeb Arabi, Dean of the Institute for Family and Community Development, Dr. Huda Osman Abdallah, Director of Public Relations and Media, and Dr. Maryam Abbas, Director of External Relations, Heads of Departments of Psychology and Pre-School Education at the Faculty of Education.

From the council's side, Dr. Amira Azhari, Secretary of States Affairs and Partnerships, Prof. Fath Al-Rahman Mohamad Babiker, Child Protection Adviser, and a number of council secretaries.

The two parties are confident on the necessity of integrating academic, research and training activities and optimizing the use of scientific capabilities, infrastructure and available resources to achieve common goals and provide distinguished services for children, in addition to exchanging experiences in the field of technical cooperation such as organizing training courses, forums, international conferences, workshops, consultative meetings and all activities concerned with issues of children’s rights .

Prof. Bashier, the vice chancellor welcomed the delegation of the Council, acknowledging SUST’s mission, which includes three pillars represented in training, scientific research and community service. Prof. Bashier added that the university has many arms through its faculties and institutes in establishing participatory relations with governmental and private industrial and service institutions with the aim of community development and the family and childhood welfare in particular, which is the focus of the MoU.

His Excellency assured the consolidation of the fruitful relationship with the Council by implementing the terms of the memorandum immediately after the signing by forming a joint committee from both sides.

Dr. AbdalQader Abdallah, Secretary General of the Council, praised SUST for its dedication and highly professional and knowledge role, and its well known local, regional and global reputation as a knowledge interface rich with scientists and researchers.

Furthermore, Dr. AbdalQader expressed his pleasure and pride in partnering with the university to work and develop everything that would be in the interest of the situation of childhood in Sudan, to meet their urgent need for a lot that provides a satisfactory and stable situation for children in respect of their rights to win wages in this world and the hereafter, stressing the need to accomplish this great work through SUST, which is an incubator for science and knowledge, an advisory interface, and a house of experience that help a lot in solving negative indicators and bringing about psychological reconciliation for children.

A presentation was made by Dr. Mariam Abbas, Director of External Relations, demonstrating SUST's different faculties and their presence in ten campus locations in the state of Khartoum, as well as the university's progress and development. His excellency Prof. Bashier presented the university shield as to the Secretary-General of the Council Dr. AbdalQader Abdallah.