Effective Communication Skills | DSR Monthly Seminar Series

The Deanship of Scientific Research, with the participation of the Institute for Family and Community Development at Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST), organized a scientific seminar titled "Effective Communication Skills", which was attended by Prof. Amal Omar Bakhiet, Dean of Scientific Research and Dr. Adel Arabi, Dean of the Institute for Family and Community Development, Dr. Zuhair Abdelrahman Ballah, the journalist and professional trainer, a number of professors and a group of students and those interested in the field.

Dr. Wahiba Al-Sharif, Head of the Family and Society Department, welcomed the attendees and said, “Through our programs, we aim to provide students with information and scientific research that will help them in their university studies and their carrier in the future.” She indicated that scientific lectures enhance capabilities, skills and develop concepts.

Dr. Zuhair Abdelrahman expressed his appreciation for organizing the seminar and said, "if we appreciated solving communication problems, we would have solved a large number of problems in society". He also spoke about communication skills and how to deal with its tools, forms and multiple types, and indicated that the communicative process aims to change behavior in all aspects, e.g., psychological, social, educational, economic and cultural.

He also stated that the foreign curricula that we are dealing with from abroad must be linked to the local Sudanese culture to benefit from it in improving the living human reality and investing communication in production in its many forms.

At the end of the lecture, Dr. Adel Arabi gave a commentary on the statements and information provided, accompanied by references and an intellectual analysis of the issue considered by the seminar.