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A Fundraising Campaign to Support those Affected by Floods

Based on its societal role, and its keenness to be present in supporting those who are affected by the recent floods in the country, Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST) launches its appeal to everyone who would like to participate in the relief campaign which targets the affected areas in the country.

Note that the services that will be provided to the needy during the campaign are:

  • Health services
  • clothes, school supplies, mattresses, tarpaulins, mosquito nets, food items
  • Awareness campaigns

You can participate in this campaign as follows

  • For the financial contribution from university employees, it was suggested to sign in the statements approving the deduction of one day’s salary in a period not exceeding one week due to lack of time.
  • For cash contributions from outside the university, the account number 18/60223 Omdurman National Bank - University Branch - in the name of Sudan University of Science and Technology has been allocated to deposit cash contributions
  • To contribute other useful materials, food commodities, clothes, etc., they are collected by the college secretary.

With this, we appeal to everyone who has the ability to provide aid and assistance including, support, planning and building plans for the affected villages, housing proposals with stable and economic materials in addition to engineering support.