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A Student from SUST Gives an Impressive Opening Speech in Chinese and Amazes the Audience

Mr. Ahmed Siddig Ali, from Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST), who is currently a master’s student in China University of Petroleum (Beijing), gave an impressive opening speech in Chinese to welcome the new academic year in front of a crowd that included hundreds of students, professors and administrators.

Ahmed is a class 2022 petroleum engineering Masters student and he delivered his speech on the morning of September 4, 2022, and on the occasion of the opening ceremony of the  new academic year at the Olympic Stadium of China Petroleum University in Beijing.

Ahmed delivered his speech in impressive Chinese language, rare fluency and professional body language in front of the crowd gathered since the early morning, representing the new foreign students and speaking about his own experience studying in China.

Ahmed's impressive speech was praised in an official website managed by China Scholarship Council (CSC) which serves all foreign students transparently and equally. The website provides routinely updated background information on policies, regulations, and important events for international students with CSC scholarships to study in China, shares success stories of CSC students and alumni to encourage and inspires creativity and directs their energies, and has important alumni resources, through which it fosters close association Among promising researchers and connecting them with CSC alumni and alumni groups from different countries of the world, and also contributing to supporting the careers of CSC graduates as an aid in developing their lives before and after graduation.

Ahmed's speech was also reported through many news platforms.