Invitations | The First Exhibition of Photography and TV Production

Under the generous patronage of the Dean of the College of communication science and within the framework of activating extracurricular activities, the Radio Department (Radio and Television) at the Faculty of Communication Sciences will hold the first exhibition of photography and television production under the slogan “The image is a memory of history”

11:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Tuesday 26/7/2022

Prof. Hassan Mohamad Al-Zain Hall

with the participation of the professional photographer, Mr. Salman Mohamad Al-Hassan Mutawakil, and the photographer and TV director, Mr. Fath Al-Alim Dafa Allah. The exhibition contains an integrated presentation documenting the landmarks, history and civilization of the people of Sudan, the presentation of many documentaries, in addition to knowledge of employing, analyzing and reading the implications of TV images.

Everyone is welcome to attend.