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SUST College of Communication Science Celebrates the Memory of History and Photography

Amid a large crowd of students of communication science at Sudan university of Science and Technology (SUST) and media students from the International University of Africa (IUA) and within the framework of extra-curricular programs for students, the college of communication science organized an exhibition of photography and television production under the slogan

"An image is a memory of history",

The exhibition was organized by the department of Radio Broadcasting (Radio, Television) at the college of Communication Science.

The event was attended by Dr. Al-Mahdi Suleiman Al-Mahdi, Dean of the College, Dr. Badr Al-Din Idris, Dean of the Faculty of Media at the International University of Africa, Dr. Asjad Mohamed Nour, Head of the Radio Broadcasting Department, Dr. Al-Nour Gadin, President of the Sudanese Public Relations Association, Mr. Fath Al-Alim Dafa Allah, and Mr. Suleiman Mohamed Al-Hassan, who are experts in the field of photography and a group of faculty professors, pioneers and specialists in the photography profession and those interested in the field.

Dr. Mahdi Suleiman expressed his great satisfaction with the exhibition, the good preparations, and the students’ being interested. He said, “The exhibition is an opportunity and opportunity to receive the applied aspects and the appropriate and required doses, and to link the theoretical study with the process.”

He also explained that the extra-curricular activities highlight the skills and creativity of students at various levels and reflect the experiences and expertise of the pioneers in many fields, and indicated that an image reflects messages, paints reality, communicates positive mental images and transmits them to the community. He noted that the importance of photography is to document important and sensitive moments and events from the age of civilized, cultural and scientific history.

Dr. Asjad Mohamed Nour welcomed the attendees. She said, “Responding to the invitation is an indication of the importance and necessity of the image in the life and knowledge reality. The exhibition is an academic space for communication between the generation of students, experts and professors to learn about the new and modern, and to introduce the meanings and different forms of photography, and to highlight the scientific and applied study and reflect the scientific and professional experiences.”

Dr. Asjad also stressed that exhibitions and extra-curricular programs will continue, remembering that the students' interaction represents a moral impulse to provide more giving and effort.

On the other hand, Mr. Salman Mohamed Al-Hassan, a professional photographer, reviewed the advantages and axes of photography, and the objectives and message of the image. He said, “The picture tells and expresses thousands of words, crowds with meanings, and reflects the history, civilization and cultures of peoples, as it establishes ideas and goals.” Furthermore, he narrated the story of his documentation of the Nile River from its source to its estuary within his series Memory of the Nation.

Mr. Fath Al-Alim Dafa-Allah, the photographer and TV director, spoke about the essence of television photography. He said, "Ard Al-sumur" series documented the history of Sudanese civilization and reflected a positive image inside and outside Sudan, mentioning that the photographer must have the skills, artistic sense and capabilities required to accurately accomplish his work.

Mr. Daffa Allah also called for the need for such exhibitions and training courses to continue so that students of media and photography in universities can benefit more.

It is worth noting that the  exhibition contained photographs, documentation of the landmarks and history of the civilization of the people of Sudan, analysis of reading the implications of the television image, presentation of documentaries, panel discussions, and introductory visits to the college, which won the approval of all attendees and visitors.