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SUST Organizes a Campaign for Collecting Eid Al-Adha Leftover Skins and Environmental Sanitation

The Technology Incubator for Leather Industries at the College of Engineering and Technology of Industries at Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST) organized a major campaign to collect Eid Al-Adha leftover skins for economic and scientific use. Where the director of the incubator, Dr. Al-Sunni Ibrahim, said that the campaign comes within the framework of the project to collect the Eid leftover skins, which represents a national wealth and economic development that generates more than (1,500,000) dollars (one million five hundred thousand) on the state treasury.

Al-Sunni affirmed that the collection efforts during the days of Eid according to plan was crowned with success, since a large quantity of leather was obtained. In addition to reducing environmental pollution, Al-Sunni described it as a great project and effort appreciated by the university administration, students and the incubator family, which lies in the interest of the country and greatly serves the incubator of leather industries and develops work in it. Al-Sunni praised the university administration's supervision of the project and its sponsorship and provision of the necessary aid to implement the campaign. He also congratulated the University family on the blessed Eid Al-Adha, wishing it would return to the country and the people with goodness and development.