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Vice Chancellor of SUST Receives the Minister of Higher Education and the Accompanying Delegation

Today, in the main campus, Prof. Eisa Bashier Mohamad, vice chancellor of Sudan University of Science and Technology, received Prof. Mohamed Hassan Dahab, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, accompanied by Dr. Ali Al-Sheikh, Undersecretary of the Ministry. The VC was accompanied by Prof. Abdel-Azim Suleiman Al-Mahal, deputy vice chancellor of the University, Dr. Awadallah Tayfor, Principal of the University, and deans from various faculties, as part of the Minister's tour to inspect universities, stand and check on the stability of study processes.

Prof. Dahab expressed his happiness at visiting the University of Sudan and considered it a good opportunity to see the start of the study, expressing his satisfaction and reassurance for the stability of the study there. He said it is necessary to pay attention to the extracurricular activity of students and to nurture and develop their talents to create creativity and excellence, and his sovereignty stressed the need to pay attention to everything that helps students to stabilize academic aspects in addition to paying attention to students’ academic participation internally and externally.

Furthermore, his excellency, Prof. Dahab, urged the necessity of maximizing the university’s revenues and benefiting from the existing assets and investing in the academic field through training, postgraduate studies and scientific research by establishing internal and external relations and creating large research projects that would benefit the university. He stressed the need to benefit from relationships with various institutions that help solve many challenges as well Ensure the importance of communicating with alumni.

Prof. Eisa Bashier Mohamad, vice chancellor of SUST, expressed his pleasure at the visit of the Minister and his accompanying delegation, and the implementation of the salary structure for academic staff, which achieved job satisfaction and played a major role in the stability of teaching activities.

Prof. Bashir also briefed the Minister on the university’s plan to find solutions to the accumulated student batches through e-learning, in addition to the university’s tendency to develop self-resources through investment projects with banks and production units in faculties.

Prof. Bashir also explained the university’s plan and its endeavor to provide equipment for laboratories and the establishment of the central laboratory, in addition to boost postgraduate studies, revitalize graduate studies centers internally and externally, and establish new centers to achieve the scientific and financial benefit.

It is worth noting that both his excellency Prof Dahab and Prof Bashier pointed out the importance of non-academic staff in achieving academic stability. Furthermore, during the meeting, reports were presented by the deputy Vice chancellor of the University, the Principal of the University, the Secretary of Scientific Affairs, the Dean of Graduate Studies and the Dean of Student Affairs. The reports focused on the overall academic, research and financial conditions at the University.