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Vice Chancellor of SUST Welcomes the First Year Students

In the midst of a large presence, the College of Science at Sudan University of Science and Technology organized an orientation program for first-year students for the 2021-2022 academic year, as part of the reception activities for new students.

The celebration was honored by Prof. Eisa Bashier Mohamad, vice chancellor of Sudan University of Science and Technology, in the presence of Prof. Abdel-Azim Suleiman Al-Mahal, deputy vice chancellor of the University, Dr. Awad Allah Tayfor, Principal of the University, Bellgis Abd-Elaziz Abd-Elrahman, Dean of the Faculty of Science, Afra Hashim Abdelateef Mohammed, Deputy Secretary of Scientific Affairs, Dr. Suleiman Ahmed Babiker, Vice Dean for Student Affairs, and Mr Jalal Abdel Rahman Mohamad, Director of the Center for Private and Technology Admissions, heads of different departments, faculty, students and, parents.

Prof. Eisa Bashier, welcomed the new students at the Citadel of Science and Knowledge and wished them more achievements of excellence and success. He said, “Your joining the university is a real gain, and we count on you for the advancement of the nation and the citizen. The College of Science is rich with useful knowledge.”

He also described the new students as the Knights of the Future and the holders of the torches of science and light. He said, "The College of Science is the basis of knowledge in life and its students and graduates lead the renaissance and create the desired development."

His Excellency also indicated that the labor market awaits graduates alongside their families and parents. He also thanked all the university’s employees and the administration of the College of Science for their efforts in serving science students and effectively contributing to academic processes at the university.

Dr. Bellgis Abd-Elaziz Abd-Elrahman, dean of the college of science, warmly welcomed the new students and said, “Sudan University is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the country, and the College of Science has emerged as distinguished entity with distinguished scholars who are referred to in various forum.. We strive for progress, advancement, growth and prosperity.”

She also revealed that the college prepared to receive the students to continue their knowledge journey in a healthy atmosphere and environment. "Our students are distinguished and our doors are open for them at all times", she added.

Dr. Suleiman Ahmed Babiker, deputy dean of student affairs, stressed the need to raise the name of the university at various levels and said, “The College of Science graduates enlightened students in the future .. All students take shelter under the umbrella of Student Affairs, and we represent them a refuge, provide them with care and protection from all dangers, and solve their problems, and their issues are treated as ours.”

He also instructed to turn around the extracurricular activities and programs because they breed creative people, produce talented people, and help academic achievement. He also called for communication with the Deanship of Students' Affairs in all cases and said, "We welcome and support the activities of students societies, and we require that they be under our supervision and our regulations will support them.”

He also stressed the need to follow good behavior and morals, and not to be subjugated or deviated into what is offensive or dishonorable, and again he commented that the offices of supervision and psychological support are open to all students and provide services and advice.

Mr Jalal Abdel-Rahman Mohamad, Director of the Center for Private and Technology Admissions, He saluted the students’ families for standing behind their sons and daughters and said "the university’s employees are at your service and will provide you the appropriate environment and all the possibilities available to continue the path of excellence and leadership".

Mr Jalal also gave a detailed explanation about the university's registration procedures, regulations and systems.. He stressed the need to refer to the university admission guide and regulations to identify all cases and stages of study and registration so that they do not fall into prohibitions and mistakes that could cost them a lot and disrupt their scientific career.

The heads of the departments at the College of Science also gave an explanation and a clarification about the specializations, programs, future plans and the form of the study in theory and in the field. Prof. Mohamed Adam Abbo Hussien gave them a lecture on academic advising and the students interacted with inquiries and questions. Dr. Al-Samuaal Mohamed Kurtkila also presented information about the study, registration, and the results systems.

It is worth noting that the program included poetry and comedy performance that won everyone's approval.