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College of Fine and Applied Arts: A Wonderful Closing to the Visual Documentation Course

The closing activities of the Visual Documentation training course were concluded in the College of Fine and Applied Arts at the University, which was organized by the College’s Documentation Center in cooperation with the Sudan Memory Program and the British Museum, under the supervision of the visual artist, photographer, and academic staff at the college, Issam Abdelhafeez. The audience included Dr. Abdelrahman Abdallahh Shangal, Dean of the College of Fine and Applied Arts, Prof. Omer Mohamed Elhassan Darma, Dean of the Deanship of Quality and Development, Dr. Adam Khalifa Mohammad, Dean of the College of Water and Environmental Engineering, Dr. Abbas Elshaikh Rahma Mohamed, Dean of the College of Agricultural Studies and a group of staff and students.

Dr. Shangal emphasized that the College of Fine and Applied Arts is always working to open up to the regional and global environment, through participation and communication with scientific sectors and creating extended and intertwined relations.

"Documentation is one of the most important tools that preserve historical legacies and consolidate culture and arts. It is considered a graphic record that is constantly referenced and relied upon to analyze the reality for the development of future strategies”, Dr. Shangal added.

Dr. Shangal also explained that they are working to intensify training courses and workshops for students, provide all aids, overcome difficulties, and contribute to developing their capabilities and raising their efficiency. He mentioned that all the devices and equipment donated by Sudan Memory project serve the interest and increase the benefit of students and refine their skills. He also indicated that the Documentation Center will receive the necessary support, development and expansion required to perform its role with the desired efficiency for all students, indicating that the college has well-known and referred to well-known professors and expertise who are able to manage and move the wheel of research activity and scientific knowledge in the center.

Prof. Omer Mohamed Elhassan Darma saluted the fighters and the martyrs of the glorious December revolution and said, "the students of the College of Fine and Applied Arts played important roles through murals and wall drawings that reflected stories and details of the struggle of revolutionists".

Prof. Darma also emphasized the need to exploit the documentation in an optimal way to allow future generations to see the intellectual cultural and artistic products represented in the great and important innovations of the students and graduates of the college with a great historical and knowledge heritage and the value of the contributions and internal and external support provided to promote, develop and develop the academic performance of the students of the College of Arts on both the theoretical and practical levels.

Mr. Essam Abdelhafeez stressed the importance of linking the theoretical side with the practical in all disciplines and programs of the arts. He mentioned that through practice and application, students gain many benefits, most notably the refinement of skills, the consolidation of ideas through experience and the meeting of experiences. He also noted the necessity of establishing partnerships and training research projects in the field of arts on an ongoing basis, especially with regard to the visual aspect of the Sudanese physical heritage because of its clear and fruitful positive impact on students.

The trainee students expressed their happiness in the training session and highlighted the necessity of continuing such training workshops because of the response, interaction, gained benefit and received knowledge and the practical and skillful training experiences the students received from the professors of the College of Fine and Applied Arts. At the end of the event, the artist Seer Abdeen performed in celebration of the training course closing.