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Sudan University Receives a Grant from the European Union and COMESA

Within the framework of its cooperation with its regional and international surroundings, Sudan University of Science and Technology received a grant funded by the European Union through the COMESA Organization as part of the capacity building and qualification program adopted by the organization.

The grant was received in the presence of Dr. Mohammad Alsir Alsiddiq, Executive Manager and representative of the Principal's Office, Dr. Akram Hassan Mohammed Ali, Dean of the College of Engineering and Technology of Industries, Prof Hago Alfadil Haroun, the professor and expert in the field of industrial technology, and Prof Alsunni Hamid Ibrahim, Director The technological incubator for the leather industry.

Prof Alsunni Ibrahim, the director of the incubator, expressed his happiness with the grant. “The grant is a complete machinery production line for the manufacture of leather shoes, and it consists of devices for multi-purpose tests in addition to devices for measuring the physical properties of shoes in the Quality Control Department. Its total value is estimated at 250,000 euros, including modern tools for mechanisms that were imported from Italy," he commented.

He also explained that this grant represents a great addition and a strong qualitative boost to the leather incubator and enables it to achieve all its goals embodied in incubation, education, training, research and development, transfer of technologies and providing technical and economic advice to all workers in the field of leather industry sectors as well as contributing to the renaissance and development of the sector in order to support and move the wheel of the national economy.

"We are fully grateful to COMESA, which has incurred the costs of transportation and delivery of machinery and all customs and clearance procedures. It is worth mentioning that the university is preparing for a big celebration on the occasion of the inauguration of these mechanisms." he finally commented.