Vice Chancellor of the University Addresses the start of Training Course on “Registration and Results System” for Registration Staff and Heads of Departments

Prof. Awad Saad Hassan, Vice Chancellor of the University, addressed the start of the training course on "Registration and Results System", which is organized by the Secretariat of Scientific Affairs in cooperation with the university’s computer center. The course targeted employees of registration offices and heads of departments in the various faculties of the university, in the period from 11-13 July in the Deans’ Hall in the main campus. The course opening session was chaired by Dr. Afraa Hashim Abdellatif, Deputy Secretary of the Secretariat of Scientific Affairs, and Dr. Ashraf Gasim Alsid, manager of the Computer Center. The audience included  employees of the registration offices and heads of departments in the various colleges.

Prof. Hassan expressed his happiness for holding such a training course, to train staff on the registration and results system at the university, and said, “We are the most distinguished based on realistic accumulated experience, acquiring the necessary skills, and keeping pace with the latest registration tech at the regional and global levels.”

"This training course is evidence of SUST taking continuous serious steps for capabilities development, as well as use of latest technologies that support the registration system and its development," he added.

He further explained that, "all this work and effort will positively reflect on the development and renaissance in the country. The university is a badge of pride for everyone. Therefore, its great academic and scientific heritage must be preserved through creativity, innovation and development."

Dr. Ashraf Gasim Alsid explained that the training course aims to familiarize staff about the registration and results system. He mentioned that, in the computer center, they have the distinguished competencies and experiences that contribute to the development and upgrading of skills and capabilities, indicating that the computer center represents a nucleus for the ownership of unique technology and advanced and modern technology. He said "the registration and results system is a very sensitive issue and must be given permanent and wider attention and support".

It is worth mentioning that the training course reviewed theoretical aspects presented by Dr. Afraa Hashim Abdellatif, through which she reviews the regulations and systems in which the registration and result system operates, and practical methods are presented by Mr. Abdelhannan Yassin Mohammad Alamin, a  software developer, about the systems and programs and how to develop them at the Computer Center.