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A Training Course for Mothers of Orphans Organized by the Institute for Family and Community Development

Dr. Adil Mohammad Al-Tayyib Arabi, Dean of the Institute for Family and Community Development, addressed the closing ceremony of the training course in developing home improvements for orphans' mothers, which came under the slogan "Producers", which was organized by the Institute in cooperation with Dr. Ashraf Essawy Center for Alternative Medicine.

Dr. Adil said in his speech that the course targeted the mothers of orphans in order to help them build their abilities and develop skills to perform their role in caring for orphans, indicating the institute's readiness to hold many of these training courses in this field and other areas as a contribution to raising the economic and living standard of members of society, especially the vulnerable segments.

Dr. Ashraf Essawy confirmed that he is ready to provide all his scientific and practical experiences to raise the competencies of mothers of orphans in particular and mothers in general. At the end of the ceremony, certificates were distributed to the students in the training course.