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Start of Electronic Registration for Private and BTech Admission

Today, 20 Dec 2022, in the western campus of Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST), the process of registering new students who are candidates for private admission, BTech, foreigners and sons of employees admission, for the academic year 2022-2023 was launched.

Prof. Awadalla Tayfor Ali Ismail, Principal of the University, congratulated the accepted students for this year, wishing them a successful academic year. He appreciated the readiness of the Secretariat Scientific Affairs for the electronic registration process for the first time at the university, which saves effort and time, especially for parents. He expressed his happiness at the registration preparations, which came out in a manner worthy of SUST's reputation.

Prof. Caroline Edward Ayad, Secretary of Scientific Affairs, said that the registration process is proceeding smoothly, stressing the tightness of preparations and arrangements in all stages of the registration process, and indicated that it is the first time that registration is implemented electronically at the university.

Mr. Jalal AbdalRahman Mohammad, Director of the Center for Private and BTech Admission, explained that the number of candidates for admission is about 1966 students. And that the Secretariat of Scientific Affairs developed a vision for registration, which was approved by the Advisory Committee, according to which the start date of the registration process and the registration steps were determined according to the digitization procedures, which achieves speed and accuracy and reduces financial costs so that we can complete all stages of registration electronically in the coming years.