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SUST Participates in the Admission and Registration Conference for Arab Countries in Egypt

Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST), represented by the Secretariat of Scientific Affairs, participated in the 39th conference of the Arab Organization for Admission and Registration Officials in the Arab Countries, sponsored by the League of Arab States, under the slogan "Admission and Registration: Reality - Ambition - Challenges" in the period from 12-15 December 2022, in Sharm El-Sheikh, Arab Republic of Egypt, with the participation of more than 70 universities and 135 researchers worldwide.

Prof. Caroline Edward Ayad, the secretariat of scientific affairs at the university and the participant in the conference, explained that the conference dealt with many papers related to admission and registration, and discussed the importance of digitization, and how to achieve the digital environment, transferring student digital data at any time and place, supporting digital transformation, discussing requirements in academic institutions to achieve digitization, discussing issues related to managing students records, secure digital data transmission, trading safe digital academic qualifications, especially when extracting student data for the purpose of employment and postgraduate studies, and protecting it from forgery.

Further issues were discussed such as the Corona pandemic and its impact on the spread of the concept of digital-ism, admission and registration mechanisms for students with disabilities, focusing on hearing impairment, (Metaverse) technology, which is one of the modern technologies in the development of distance education, in addition to the importance of student exchange between Arab universities, which enhances the exchange of knowledge and cultures, and the establishment of global platforms To achieve a sustainable digital environment, electronic archiving at the Deanships of Admission and Registration, and how to develop students' personal skills.

The conference was honored by Dr. Omar Ezzat Salameh, Secretary General of the Association of Arab Universities and the sponsor of the closing events, as he distributed shields and certificates of attendance.