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A Workshop on Digitization for Khartoum State Teachers | SUST’s Sudan Center for Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship

In a large presence of primary and secondary school teachers and mentors, the Sudan Center for Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship at Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST) organized a scientific workshop on "Digitization of Education in the Ministry of Education".

The workshop was organized in cooperation with the Federal Graduate Employment Authority and with the presence of Prof. Abdel-Azim Suleiman Al-Mahal, deputy Vice Chancellor of the University, and Dr. Sharaf El-Din Al-Awad, the Executive Director of Khartoum State, Dr. Mustafa Al-Jak, Director of Sudan Center for Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship at SUST, and a group of directors and officials of public and private educational departments in the state and a number of experts and interested individuals.

Prof. Abdel Azim Al-Mahal stressed that training is the basis of life and one of the weapons of advancement, renaissance and development. He said, "we lack a lot of e-learning concepts and the future is moving towards digital computing in all procedures and transactions".

He also pointed out the necessity of bringing electronic and technical programs to use, especially in educational processes, due to the accuracy of their results and the clarity of their data.

His Excellency also ensured the necessity of eliminating electronic illiteracy from all sectors of society, raising skills and capabilities, in addition to ensuring that school teachers in the Ministry of Education have the various and latest information systems.

He said, "The university is ready to adopt scientific technology projects, and we strive a lot to deliver knowledge to those who want to receive science and information." He also valued the roles of entrepreneurship in opening channels of communication and acquiring multiple ways of production in advanced and unconventional forms.

Dr. Sharaf Al-Din Al-Awad expressed his gratitude to SUST and his appreciation for organizing the training workshop. He said, “The work has become technical and advanced in all fields and disciplines, and it is necessary seek sources of technological knowledge, and SUST represents a distinguished incubator in this field because of its legacy and scientific history.”

He also valued the smart partnership with the university, which aims at the quality and development of education and to link schools with the modern systems and programs of the Ministry of Education, as well as the bodies related to social development, health and production.

He explained that this will have an impact on society and the teachers' segment in schools, in particular, in addition to contemporary students and students in the era of technology and computing. He said, “Building Sudan starts from a strong and sound base, and mankind, by nature, acquires knowledge and strives to acquire and apply it.”

During the workshop, the educational strategic plans approved by the State Supreme Council were reviewed. Ms. Amani Amin Mustafa, Director of Strategic Management and Information Technology, presented models about e-learning and a lecture on "the integrated system for school management through a unified database to extract various statistical reports".