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Vice Chancellor of SUST Inspects and Assures Smooth Flow of Exams

Prof. Eisa Bashier Mohamed, Vice Chancellor of Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST) and Chairman of the Higher Examinations Committee, made a tour accompanied by members of the committee, including Prof. Abdel-Azim Suleiman Al-Mahal, deputy Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr. Awadallah Tayfour Ali, principal of the University , Prof Caroline Edward Ayyad, Secretary of Scientific Affairs, and Dr. Abd Al-Salam Kamel Abd Al-Salam, Dean of Student Affairs.

After the tour, the vice chancellor of SUST, Prof. Bashier, explained that the exams are going in a good manner, and the arrangement and organization are efficient which led to smooth flow. He added that the participation of senior academic staff members with their various degrees as exams observers revealed a high degree of seriousness and dedication.

Furthermore, H.E. explained that such arrangements had a good effect on students and junior academic staff. He also held meetings with the deans of the faculties included in the tour and they reassured him of the smoothness that accompanied the examinations process and the absence of complaints from students, with the students feeling satisfied for completing the semester and their desire to continue studying.

Finally, H.E. expressed his gratitude to the aacdemic staff members for their high response to the university’s decision about examinations observers, which was reflected in the good administration of the exams. The tour included the southern campus, which includes the faculties of (engineering, petroleum and mining engineering, architecture and planning, physical education and sports) and the medical colleges campus, which includes faculties of (medicine, dentistry and pharmacy) in addition to the faculties of communication science, and music and drama.