The Prophet’s Hijrah Between Yesterday and Today | A Lecture by Dean of IISR

The Institute of Islamic Research at Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST) organized a scientific lecture on "the Prophet’s Hijrah between yesterday and today" in the Martyrs’ Hall at the university's main campus. It was presented by Dr. Al-Wasila Al-Sir Karrar, Dean of the Institute.

Through the lecture, Dr. Al-Wasila dealt with the most important reasons that called for Hijrah from Mecca to Medina, including the persecution of Muslims by Quraysh, to spread the Islamic call outside Mecca and other reasons. Reviewing those stages that the da’wah went through, drawing inspiration from the morals and lessons so that we can contribute to spreading the Islamic da’wah and returning Muslims to their religion for the sake of the sovereignty of Islam and the advancement of Muslims, especially since the strategic objectives of Hijrah were to search for supporters and spread Islam.

At the conclusion of his lecture, Dr. Al-Wasila called everyone to look at the Qur’anic verses to improve thought and revolutionize the mind and motivate it in order to discover new horizons for understanding Islam and rationalizing religiosity for the effectiveness of giving and working towards achieving the civilizational existence of the Islamic nation. The lecture was accompanied by religious chants and prophetic poems.