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The Deanship of Student Affairs Celebrates the International Day Against Drug Abuse

Within the framework of the World Anti-Drug Day and in the midst of a large and crowded presence of students from Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST) and within the awareness programs on drug control issues, the Deanship of Student Affairs at the university organized an awareness day on the dangers of drugs under the slogan "No to Drugs".

The event was attended by Dr. Abd Al-Salam Kamel Abd Al-Salam, Dean of Student Affairs, Major General Mohamed Omar Mubarak, Director of Anti-Narcotics in Khartoum State, Dr. Amira Ali Khairy, Deputy Dean of Student Affairs, a large number of deans of faculties, student supervisors in the various campuses of the university, and a group of students.

Dr. Abd Al-Salam Kamel expressed his happiness for the awareness-raising day on the dangers of drugs and indicated that the Deanship of Student Affairs used to organize it annually within the national and international programs to combat drugs.

He said, "Our responsibility is to educate students about all the dangers they face and threaten their lives and future, and the Deanship's regulations are enough to protect all students."

He noted that the Deanship of Students' Affairs is the big house and the second family that works to provide service and protection in various fields, and His Excellency indicated that the danger of drugs has come to overwhelm all families, which necessitates combating it, limiting its growth and curbing it through community awareness and combating it through cultural and educational programs and lectures with the participation of all sectors of society, noting that this has positive results and a meaningful, effective and effective return, he said, "Our interest in the student's life and safety is at the core of the work of the Deanship of Students."

Major General Mohamed Omar Mubarak stressed that the drug phenomenon in society is one of the biggest problems facing humanity. He mentioned that they describe it as a scourge that destroys human societies, especially youth and students, the builders of the future, explaining that fighting drugs requires great effort, tight plans and awareness programs to confront and defeat its danger.

He said, "Sudan's wide and open borders facilitate the entry and growth of drugs in society. We must all unite to fight it, and our police forces are well-qualified and trained to combat drugs as a crime against humanity and a harmful and hateful act."

He also reviewed the various types of drugs, including natural ones such as plants, weeds, semi-natural and factory as well as electronic digital, noting the fight against the causes that help the spread of drugs, and called for avoiding bad friends and the need to follow up on families, not build them and monitor their behavior, and the importance of finding job opportunities for young people and uprooting the unemployment phenomenon.

It is worth mentioning that the carnival was interspersed with traditional paragraphs, awareness lectures, plays about drugs and their negative impact on health, lyrical breaks, an accompanying exhibition and poetry participation that won the approval and satisfaction of all attendees.