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SUST Signs an MoU with UST

With the belief of Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST) in the necessity of effective scientific cooperation, and in realization of the need to organize paths for development and expansion in the fields of higher education and scientific research, SUST signed a memorandum of understanding with the University of Science and Technology (UST).

Prof. Eisa Bashier Mohamed, vice chancellor of SUST, signed on behalf of SUST, whereas Dr. Elmutaz Mohamed Ahmed Elbirier, president of UST, signed on behalf of UST.

From SUST side, the event was attended by Prof. Abdul-Azim Suleiman Al-Mahal, deputy vice chancellor of the University, Prof Caroline Edward Ayyad, Secretary of Scientific Affairs, Dr. Huda Osman Abdalla, manager of Public Relations and Media, and Dr. Maryam Abbas, manager of External Relations.

From UST, the attendees are Prof. Abdel Raouf Abdelwahab Al-Otaibi, Vice President of  UST, and Prof. Mohamed Siddiq Abdelaziz, Secretary of Scientific Affairs.

The two parties agreed on joint cooperation in local and international research projects, joint supervision of graduate studies research, peer review and scientific publishing, in addition to academic sabbaticals, study leave and exchange of representation in scientific councils and relevant technical committees. The two sides also agreed to exchange students, faculty members, and academic and professional training.

Prof. Bashier described UST as one of the leading universities in the field of private education, as it made its way and went through an early experience to spread the culture of private education. On the other hand, he stressed that SUST had participated and helped establish many Sudanese universities, including UST. Furthermore, he added that SUST is still extending a hand to everyone who asks for help and assistance, praising the need for cooperation between universities to benefit from mutual resources.

Dr. Elbirier, described SUST as the legitimate father of UST, which found help and support from Sudan University in curricula development and providing academic staff.

The two sides agreed to open horizons for cooperation in various fields to serve the country and the two universities. Prof. Bashier promised to activate the terms of the MoU and initiate joint committees from the two universities.

Dr. Elbirier, thanked Prof. Bashier for the warm reception, while the later assured that the doors of SUST are always open to them.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Maryam Abbas, manager of External Relations, provided an insightful presentation about SUST.