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International Parasitic Plant Society (IPPS) Awards Honary Fellowship to Late Prof. Abdelgabbar Eltayeb Babiker

At the occasion of the 16th World Congress on Parasitic Plants held 3-8 July 2022 in Nairobi, Kenya, the International Parasitic Plant Society (IPPS) has awarded Honorary Fellowship to the Late Prof. Abdelgabbar Eltayeb Babiker, among other four members, Julie Scholes, Dan Nickrent, Jonathan Gressel and Barach Rubin. They received this award for their service to the society and their important contributions to the parasitic plant science field.

Prof. Abdelgabbar Babiker was a Professor of Weed Science, in Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST). He was the regional coordinator for Striga Research in East Africa and for the International Research on Sorghum and Millet (INTSORMIL) funded by the United States Agency for International Development ( USAID). He was a Visiting Professor, Department of Agronomy, Purdue University, USA where he did research on Striga. He was also a visiting professor at the Center for Arid Land Research at Tottori University, Japan, and the University of Hohenheim, Germany.

Prof. Abdelgabbar Babiker published hundreds of articles in prestigious journals. His research covered plant protection, weed science and pest management with focus on "striga".