The Chinese Embassy Establishes a Specialized Library to Teach Chinese at SUST

Prof Abdel-Azim Sulaiman Al-Mahal, deputy vice chancellor of Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST), accompanied by His Excellency, Ma Xinmin, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in Sudan, inaugurated the Sudanese-Chinese Friendship Library for teaching Chinese language, which was donated by the Embassy to SUST and placed at the main campus. 

The inauguration was attended by Dr. AwadAllah Tayfor, principal of the university, Dr. Mohamad Awad, deputy principal of the university, Dr. Maryam Abbas, manager of External Relations, Dr. Mohamad Hassan Mohamad, President of the Sudanese Professors Association for Teaching Chinese Language, academic staff, representatives of the Chinese embassy and its staff, and a group of students.

Prof Al-Mahal stressed the strength of the Sudanese-Chinese relations embodied in many programs and projects in general with regard to scientific knowledge aspects in particular. He said, “The visit aims to consolidate relations between the university and Chinese educational institutions in all fields, increase knowledge exchange between students and faculty members, and open advisory and investment channels of communication in all disciplines with counterpart Chinese institutions, companies and institutes.”

Also, Prof. Al-Mahal indicated that the university's business incubators can be launching centers for some Chinese industries by establishing smart partnerships and productive investment. His Excellency saluted the bilateral and partnership relations between the two parties, and the Chinese side supported the university academically and culturally by establishing the library for the benefit of Chinese language students.

His Excellency, Prof. Al-Mahal, hoped that this giving and support would continue with the establishment of complexes, centers and various service facilities at the university.

His Excellency, Ma Xinmin, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in Sudan, expressed his happiness at visiting SUST, describing it as one of the oldest Sudanese universities and distinguished by its good reputation internally and internationally.

He said, “The university’s professors and students are unique in their modern and distinguished cognitive and applied performance. We communicate with large numbers of university students and graduates. The partnership with the university is strategic and strengthens relations between the two countries.”

His Excellency explained that the establishment of the library at Sudan University allows students to learn the Chinese language, enables them to create diplomatic relations, enhances opportunities for joint cooperation between the two sides, and opens up horizons for knowledge, economic and investment communication, as well as the cultural and social aspect.

His Excellency also indicated that they are pushing aspects of support and participation in various projects and the programs, especially those that are concerned with the academic exchange in the field of energy and oil, and teaching the Chinese language, noting that the library that was established is a guide and a token of love and friendship with the university and students.

At the end of the visit, the Ambassador, accompanied by the Deputy vice chancellor, toured the main campus, which included the inauguration of the Chinese Language Library and visiting the College of Fine and Applied Arts.