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Senate Meeting No.1-2022: VC Promises Solving Problems for Academic Staff Studying Abroad

Prof. Eisa Bashier Mohamad, the vice chancellor of Sudan University of Science and Technology, chaired the Senate meeting No. (1) for the year 2022. His Excellency congratulated the new members of the Council from the senior management who have been promoted to professorship, deans and heads of departments.

His Excellency affirmed that the membership of the University Senate is considered the right hand for the university administration in managing the affairs of the university by consultation in everything that may be in the interest of the administration, and announced that the administration’s doors are open to them.

His Excellency stressed that the university’s greatest academic concern is currently the accumulation of undergraduate student batches due to the disruption of studies for various reasons, stressing the need for a efficient academic policy to overcome this stage, taking into account the limited resources of the university with the participation of the membership of the council and all university employees.

His Excellency added that most of the university’s colleges are ready to resume academic activity on the 15th of May. He said that the academic calendar of the faculties that operate with a different calendars will be addressed in an effort to unify the academic calendar for all faculties of the university.

He said, "We expect a commitment from the academic staff in their teaching load according to their job description, after the salary structure has been implemented at a reasonable level, to achieve stability in the academic process, which delivers financial funds that can cover the running costs."

His Excellency also appealed to the necessity of revitalizing graduate studies with the efforts of professors in a large scope and urgent manner, and called the academic staff to increase the dissemination of scientific research and publishing research papers in order to contribute to the promotion and progress of the university. Furthermore, In this aspect, he promised positive amendments of financial rewards for postgraduate instructors and supervisors, which will be announced in the next few days.

His Excellency also mentioned that the university has begun to solve the problems of the university staff studying abroad internally and externally with the relevant university interfaces and regulations, and His Excellency also promised to address and resolve the accumulation of requests for promotions of faculty members through the Promotions Committee, deans of faculties and representatives of different sectors in order to preserve the rights and interests of university staff.

The Senate approved the results of the College of Graduate Studies at the doctorate, masters, and post-graduate diploma levels. The senate also approved the undergraduate results of the various colleges of the university at the bachelor's and diploma levels.