Today’s Staff Meeting Event : The Vice Chancellor Promises Improved Conditions

In the midst of an elegant presence for the university’s employees, Prof. Eisa Bashier Mohamad,, the vice chancellor of  Sudan University of Science and Technology addressed  the staff-meeting, which was planned under the slogan "congratulations and reflection, communication and consultation".

The audience included Prof. Abdel-Azim Suleiman Al-Mahal, deputy Vice Chancellor of the University and Dr. Awadallah Tayfour Ali, principal of the University, the deans of faculties, directors of departments, professors and other staff members.

Prof. Bashier addressed the staff wishing them a blessed Eid, stressing that the administration will be at the same distance from all employees. Furthermore, he called on the employees to aid the administration to achieve the university's goals and correct the path by all means when deviating from the path, as achieving community work is one of the main goals of the university.

His Excellency also stressed that academic stability is key to solutions as it funds improvement of conditions for vulnerable groups until the state responds to amending the salary structure for non-faculty staff. He also revealed relying on the College of Graduate Studies to contribute to solving many financial problems. Furthermore, he assured the continuity of funded meals and the obligation to support workers in the various campus sites.

Finally, he assured the necessity of paying attention to incubators and supporting them with production aids in order to cover the workers' needs for food products at reasonable prices, and added that the administration would work to disburse all overdue benefits to workers.

Professor Muhammad Seif El-Din, the representative of the meeting’s organizing committee, thanked the Public Relations and Media Department, the Services Department, the University Guard Unit, and the Universities Security Police for their great efforts.

Mr. Abdallah Omar, the representative of the staff, saluted the teachers’ struggle to achieve their legitimate rights. He said that the universities had formed bodies to defend and demand the rights of employees to aid the educational process, in addition to paying attention to training and qualifying university employees.

Mr. Mohammad Al-Fahal Abu Anja, the workers’ representative, assured the workers that they would support the administration to achieve the university’s goals, maintain its leadership globally. Mr. Al-Fahal appealed to the administration to provide the minimum level of assistance to the workers, promising to stand behind the workers’ demands until they are achieved by the concerned authorities.

It should be noted that the meeting was honored by the attendance of a number of university employees who held administrative positions in previous periods. The event included a performance  by the choir of the College of Music and Drama, which enthralled the audience with masterpieces that won the approval of everyone.